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"Beyond perfect in his role...".

The ‘train conductor,’ if you will, is Mr. Wetherby a/k/a Mr. Freeman, played by Tyler Marshall. Mr. Marshall also has other names and other roles in the story, each robustly played..Go, and see: you will appreciate the breadth and depth of this extraordinary performance.

- Suzanne Whitaker,

The first performer we see — he of the magical face — is Tyler Marshall as Ladahlord. This character is not in the book. Ladahlord serves as a master of ceremonies or narrator,  moving the story along, and portraying various minor characters throughout the story. He also has the responsibility of handling the main song of the show, which keeps reappearing: “Right Before Your Eyes”. Marshall has a wonderful singing voice, a remarkably expressive face, and just draws your eye to him whenever he was on stage.

- Observations Along the Road

"A wonderful singing voice...A remarkably expressive face".

"An ethereal tenor".

Throughout the performance we’re treated to a colorful character called Ladahlord who here acts as a kind of Master of Ceremonies...the titillating Mr. Marshall, in a last-year reprising role as well, astounds with his own uniquely delightful style and brand and is a comforting presence in the show, inferring that no matter what disaster is about to unfold for the young, innocent James, it’s not as bad as it seems.

- Chris Daniels, The Show Report

“Edges” in an engaging, emotionally satisfying return to live, indoor performance...To songs about decisions to be made and chances to be taken, Elizabeth Curtin brings a fluttering, introspective voice, Sarah Pierce a duskier, playful one, Jewell Holloway a contemplative resonance and Tyler Marshall an ethereal tenor.

- Daryl Miller, LA Times

Totally brilliant...".

All four members of the cast are charismatic and vocally dynamic, each playing several roles. Likewise, each distinctly endow the goings-on with a grand variety of performance styles...

Tyler Marshall himself delivers an estimable performance as “Man #2”...

He kicks things off with “Along The Way”—a delightfully ditzy recounting of all our boy’s childhood blunders...

Later, in the second half, Marshall scores again with his amiable rendition of “Part Of The Painting” in which a man finds that a trip to Greece finally gives him the perspective he had so desperately needed to at last commit to what he sincerely wants from life.

- Leo Buck, Bucking Trends

Acting a song is a skill in its own right and these singers have an ample supply of it. They manage to remain both expressive and in tune...these young actors still breathe dramatic life into the pieces...

“I Hmm You,” a lively, witty song that has Mr. Holloway and Tyler Marshall tentatively & gradually finding the precipitous courage to express their commitment to each other, vis a vis declarations of love. It's well-executed and funny too....

"...inviting warmth and depth..".


“Dispensable” brought together Ms. Pierce with Tyler Marshall again, who succeed in spinning a touching, true-ringing tale of mutual misunderstanding and sad parting. This song, like so many in the cycle, really nails the emotional experience. And its authenticity is bolstered by the brilliant duo who bring it home, with doleful, moist eyes and haunting vocals. The song has an inviting warmth and depth to the lyrics, and their gifted power echoed in every corner of the room....

And another memorable performance: In a show about young people finding their way in life, “Part of a Painting” was the song about finally finding that path. The epiphany came in the Greek Islands, making singer Tyler Marshall seem to be part of a painting. In the well-polished and well-turned fashion of show songwriting, he invites his loved one to enter that painting with him. Affecting, in the way of romantic poetry from a bygone era, and beautifully sung by Mr. M.

- Chris Daniels, The Show Report

...A song cycle like Edges can be prove challenging for both performers and audiences alike.

Fortunately for Chance Theater regulars and first-timers, Elizabeth Curtin, Jewell Holloway, Tyler Marshall, and Sarah Pierce have the charisma, the voices, and acting chops to pull it off.

- Steven Stanley, StageScene LA

Tyler Marshall was altogether beyond perfect in his role as Scuttle, acting as comedy relief in places with what appeared to be unscripted improv, but a totally brilliant, funny performance. Tyler touts an impressive resume of work, including much from the UCI Arts Drama Department, along with Off-Broadway credits and Regional credits (“Annie,” “James and the Giant Peach,” “Brad Knows Nothing,” “Excuse Me: A Song Cycle”).

- Chris Daniels, The Show Report

"...Haunting vocals".

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